April 25, 2021, 7:20 p.m.

And what crowd is that?

One perfectly plucked brown eyebrow raised slightly at the suggestions Eugene had to offer. It was half his baby, so he did need to get a say, but wow, those were terrible names. Starlight Dandelion sounded like something a hippie child would suggest naming the cat and even their parents would groan. “Star would sound silly with my last name,” she pointed out, unwilling to inflict Star Knight on any baby, even a fake one. “I was going to suggest we hyphenate for the last name, so the first name has to sound good with ‘Knight-Hardie’.”

“I can see Dandelion as a middle name,” she conceded good-naturedly. “I was thinking something like Anastasia or Esmerelda. Something big and fancy and elegant sounding.” Darlene’s own name was, compared to a lot of other purebloods, honestly a bit plain. Her middle name - Nadia - fit the trend a bit better. Pureblood girls got elegant, fancy names, like Claudia and Madgalena. Darlene wanted to pass on to her daughter something like that.

“What if it’s a boy, though?” she posed. “I’m thinking something like Philip or Adam.” She liked Arthur, too, but that one also sounded a bit silly in front of Knight thanks to King Arthur lore. She wanted something strong and powerful, yet refined and noble. Of course, the best name was Andrew Tennant, Jr., but that wouldn’t make much sense in this context. The universe in which her little Andy could exist had already been shattered.

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