April 25, 2021, 8:17 p.m.

Seems you prefer asking the hard questions

“Chill” seemed generous, but then again, Anssi couldn’t say he had ever spent much time with Jace. The only organized activity he could think of that the younger boy was involved in was Aquila’s Quidditch team, which was time-consuming enough on its own, if you were putting the work into it. He also knew there was something going on with Beth Anderson, although he couldn’t imagine it was extracurricular-related. (Just a couple days ago, he’d crossed paths with her acting rather suspiciously leaving the Diner; she had excused herself with a comment about how she was ‘just getting some stuff for Jace’, which didn’t quite explain the literal cauldron of lasagna she was floating down the hall, but there were no rules against taking food out of the Diner so Anssi had let it slide.) Was Jace actually involved in anything else at RMI?

Well, if Jace said he could make it work, he supposed he shouldn’t question it too much. “Great,” Anssi acknowledged his confidence, already pulling out a sheet of paper to start making notes. One thing he had learned from doing this class before was that it was never too early to plan out a baby care schedule. “You’re doing Quidditch again this year, right?” Coach Gerry should be posting the schedule soon, and then he would be booking practices around the other Houses anyways, so it would just be a matter of finding an alternate caregiver for whenever the next Aquila v. Draco match was. That still left an odd number of days per week to divide between them, but Anssi wasn’t the type to let loose on weekends, so maybe if he offered to do Thursday through Saturdays Jace would take the other four… hey, maybe if he offered to do full weekends, Jace would do all the weekdays. It was worth asking.

Before he could, though, Jace out of nowhere asked his opinion on “that gay crap”.

The blonde’s face, normally partially red anyways from the birthmark on his left cheek, flushed hot as he let out an involuntary sound that if he had been paying attention was embarrassingly similar to his goat-form’s bleating. Fortunately he wasn’t paying attention to that, as he was more concerned with what had just been asked of him. “What-- why are you asking me? I’m not gay. I mean, there is nothing wrong with being gay, but I’m not.” The closest he had come to anything remotely gay was when he’d walked in on Ruben eating the face of a strange man some years ago, but even that couldn’t really be classed as gay, since Ruben (at least pre-Kaye) had done the same thing to anyone with a face.

Anssi had to pinch the bridge of his nose and concentrate on exhaling for a moment in order to remind himself that this was just a harmless question. Yes, he had no knowledge of “that gay crap” beyond what Professor Blair had told them, and he didn’t want to know more, as even thinking too much about it gave him the same cringey feeling as thinking about non-gay stuff, but if Jace was having… thoughts… well, as Head Student it was his job to be a role model and help the younger students get through their school experience mentally and physically stable. As stable as they could be, at least, uncontrollable events and poisonings aside. “If you’re… curious,” he began, making a serious effort to keep his voice even and understanding and not awkward, “I can help you find resources. Okay? I assume Professor Blair is making accurate statements, but I get it if you... want to hear it from… a gay person.”

His sentence trailed off as it suddenly occurred to him that the professor herself might have had gay experiences, and suddenly there was an image in his head that he really didn’t need, and it was with some relief that he saw a box approach. Anssi immediately scooped out a baby and wordlessly placed it between them, its face already starting to change as he touched it.

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