April 25, 2021, 9:51 p.m.

I'm having a riot already

Righto, so Sadie hadn’t been the first partner to come to mind - they were in different Houses and that was gonna be a bugger for the whole taking turns bit - but she was a prime plan B. She was fun to work with, great for a rib, and fair lush to the eye, too, which took Joey by surprise to find himself thinking as he caught more’n a peek at her under the shirt. Something about macking Tayla all over break had apparently stuffed his brain right up in a new direction. (He wasn’t complaining. He’d talked his mum out of the obligatory bowl cut a few years ago, and still hadn’t managed to find a girl to take out until he was fifteen; it was really about time things started hopping on that front.)

At Sadie’s ribbing, the half-Asian snorted, rubbing his arm dramatically as if in pain. “Yeah naw, if we’ve not bonked I’m not paying for it,” he turned her down, cracking a wide grin. Then he found himself suddenly needing to try not to think too hard about the implications of having a bonk, both in general and with Sadie specifically. These weren’t completely foreign thoughts but also not ones he’d ever had in the middle of class. Oof no he had to move off that track, stat.

Shifting in his seat, mainly to better face her with a side bonus of hiding whatever his body was up to without permission, Joey took a new angle quick as. “You think I’m sitting on gold here? I don’t have a reddie to my name. That’s a 20,” he translated helpfully, pulling a cross-eyed mocking face at her. “But I guess if you’re real despo, I can toss up somethin’ non-money-related. Whaddaya want? Snacks?” A box bumped into his shoulder and he watched as it dumped out a blank-faced baby on his desk. “Pineapple, that’s one uggo sprogger.” Of course he didn’t actually say pineapple. That was Aussie slang, too, but the wrong type for this sitch.

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