Dakota Farnon

May 23, 2021, 9:41 a.m.

I take it back, that sounds worse

Non-monogamy was a thing that Dakota had heard about at the youth center but mostly in the context of the older teens who were there - which, Dakota supposed, she was now. It was a weird feeling everytime she thought about being old enough that kind-of-adult things applied to her. It wasn’t that she didn’t feel like she was a seventh year because she absolutely did, but that was a school thing. She was older than everyone because she’d failed her STOATs but she had also experienced basically everything RMI had to offer.

That wasn’t strictly true. She hadn’t poisoned anyone and hadn’t (to her knowledge) been poisoned, and that was apparently part of the RMI experience now. Dakota had never even heard rumors of anyone being removed from their House before, and she had kind of wondered why Toby hadn’t just expelled her. The fewer pureblood girls around here the better, in Dakota’s opinion, conveniently forgetting that she herself was a pureblood girl.

“All right,” Dakota grinned. She had felt for a moment almost like there was some actual serious interest behind his fauxposal, but Elliot was known for his complete inability to be serious. Dakota had also heard through the rumor mill that he was also dating Eugene, but she suspected that might be in the same way that Kit had thought she was dating Anssi last year. Except maybe not, because Eugene didn’t seem as fundamentally stupid as Kit? On the other hand, Drew had mentioned some pretty weird things about Eugene’s contributions to the paper.

“So now that you’re the happiest man, are you happy enough to handle all the diaper changes? Because honestly, the diapers are terrible.” Dakota made a face. “I think Professor Blair does it on purpose to really motivate us not to have unprotected sex.”

It definitely wasn’t Professor Blair who had taught Dakota how to do things safely, and maybe some kids needed this class (it was probably a favor to the world that Kit had to take it twice too), but that didn’t make Dakota any happier. “I wish we could test out of this or something,” she said. “I mean no offense, you’re probably one of the better partners to end up with, but an accidental baby is not about to happen in my life.”

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