May 23, 2021, 10:21 a.m.

Hard questions, is it?

“Huh, you’re not?” Jace cocked his head and examined Anssi. “I thought you were fake dating that crazy girl last year before her roommate tried to kill Drew.” Yeah Jace knew Kit Kendrick’s name ‘cause who didn’t, RMI was a heck of a small school, but it sounded more like a fake dating thing if Jace didn’t use her name. Because who would actually date someone who everyone described as ‘that crazy redhead’? And like, there weas an upperclassman who’d told Jace that Kit had a freakin’ acromantula in her dorm room at one point, so not only was Kit crazier than a betsy bug, she was possibly also a murderess. Literally nobody but someone trying very hard to not be gay was going to date her.

Then Jace realized his mistake and elbowed Anssi conspiratorily. “Nah man it’s cool, I won’t tell anyone. My big sister’s transgender and she’d freakin’ kill me and swear I died if I ratted anyone out like that. And trust me, you don’t want to piss Jenna off, she’s been arrested and stuff.”

He hoped that sounded impressive enough. Jace wanted to know like, how accurate Professor Blair was being about the gay crap and he didn’t want Anssi to think it was a personal thing or anything, Jace was just curious. Until like ten minutes ago he’d never even thought of doin’ it with another guy, it just hadn’t been a possibility, but now it was and Jace wasn’t sure how to feel about it. If he were gay nobody in his family would care but Jace didn’t know if he was gay. Like was he gay because he was curious about what doing things with another guy was like? Or was that just normal?

Wow, Jace was pretty sure this was not where Professor Blair had been aiming her class but it sure was where he’d ended up.

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