May 23, 2021, 12:12 p.m.

*sighs loudly*

If it was up to him, Anssi would have preferred to focus on the actual assignment for this class instead of turning their time here into an interrogation of his dating experience. Which was definitely not as interesting or as official as Jace was making it sound, and no matter how much the younger boy wanted him to be secretly gay Anssi wouldn’t be able to make that happen.

To be fair, he guessed there was some truth in the idea of not knowing who you were until you tried it. Could he even really call himself straight if he’d only ever been on one date with one girl? It hadn’t even been a date he had initiated. But he had never felt any kind of interest in going on a date with a boy, either, nor been asked on one, so ‘straight’ felt accurate enough to him. At least, it was accurate enough for right now, and not something he really needed to pursue further.

His eyebrows raised in bemusement as Jace derailed into talking about his sister, who was apparently a trans criminal. “I guess we have siblings in common,” he noted dryly. Ruben had never identified as any kind of queer (as far as Anssi was aware), nor had he ever been arrested (again as far as he was aware, though he was pretty confident that if Ruben had been arrested he would have bragged about it far and wide), but between his dating record and beating that transphobic Pureblood to a pulp (Anssi hadn’t even been attending RMI at the time but had been quickly introduced to his brother’s reputation upon his arrival the following year) it seemed to track.

But the rest of Jace’s comments had him feeling defensive for several reasons, which was more important to address, and he approached them in no particular order. “It’s not right to call people crazy, that can be an offensive word. Also, Kit isn’t. We went on one date, which was a real date. And I’m still not gay. If you’re looking for a mentor, I’ll help you find one--” Head Student and role model aside, why was he offering that? He had no idea where to find a mentor to address Jace’s curiosities about gay relationships. What was he supposed to do, ask Aaron? “--but first we need to get this baby started.” Anssi gestured again to the baby lying between them. As he had already touched it, its face was looking disturbingly half-humanoid, one abnormally blue eye staring at them.

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