Sadie Embers

March 28, 2020, 6:02 p.m.

Tent Time!

Bad news: Pearl Street Mall was also boring.

Maybe private school life didn’t agree with Sadie. Being able to go to Pearl Street was a reprieve from the underground monotony, but it didn’t change the fact that there wasn’t more. When they saw all of Pearl Street, that was it. Students couldn’t go anywhere else; they were still stuck. Sadie felt stir crazy. Getting actual fresh air was great, but it was better when you could go anywhere.

She did appreciate being able to get snacks not available in the Finer Diner. Her allowance wasn’t large, especially because her mom thought it was ridiculous to give her daughter chore money when she wasn’t at home doing chores. It was enough to stock up on chips, soda, and Twizzlers, though. She specifically bought the Twizzlers that were normal twists even though the ones that pulled apart tasted better. That way, when she bit off both ends of the normal Twizzlers, she could use it as a straw for her soda. Sadie Embers was an innovator.

Sadie stuffed her backpack with her acquisitions and a mini duffle before leaving Cetus and walking to the Outdoor Classroom. To her complete surprise, the fake room quickly became her favorite place at Rocky Mountain International. It was nondescript enough to seem like somewhere else, anywhere else, outdoors. She could trick her brain into thinking she was on vacation or something.

After what felt like ages looking for a new perfect spot - she refused to chill in the same place twice - Sadie set her backpack down against a large tree. It was at the very edge of the grassy field. The trees provided enough shade without closing off the view of the sky. She really could believe she was somewhere else.

She took the mini duffle out of her backpack and unzipped it. She placed it on the ground, and with a wave of her wand and a muttered incantation, the duffle twisted itself together to become a small tent. It was a gift from Hayden, who would probably grow to regret giving her a portable private nature-and-chill space to use at this boring underground school. For now, she only planned to use it for snacks and naps.

The Cetus had just opened up a bag of chips and made herself comfortable when she noticed the sound of footsteps. Someone was standing outside her tent. When it became clear that they weren’t going away anytime soon, Sadie groaned and stuck her head outside. “Can I help you?”

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