Malachi Çenturion

Sept. 6, 2020, 10:36 a.m.

Possibly animal control, too...

When a sixth year he had certainly heard of but had never met approached him, Malachi was more than a little surprised. He'd heard of Drew. Of everything that had happened with--what was her name? Diana? No, Darla or something else with an "r" and a "l". He still didn't really know people all that well. And he also didn't really have friends, so it made sense he was out of the gossip loop.

Mal didn't really care though: sure, he heard the breakup had been bad and a lot of people were angry at Drew but...that wasn't any of his business. Besides, he had bigger issues on his mind.

Also, someone whose favorite plant was sunflowers really couldn't be that bad. Right? Either way, he wasn't going to let opinions create a bias.

"Nice to meet you," Mal replied, picking up the pace and walking alongside Drew. They were heading toward belladonna, so Mal plucked two pairs of gloves off the table and handed one set to Drew before pulling his own on. "And from what I've seen of this school, this is probably a bad idea. But I guess anything can happen, right?"

They stopped in front of the belladonna, and Mal resisted the urge to begin the task out of politeness. "How was your summer?" Ooh, probably a bad idea.

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