Petra Stiglitz

Sept. 6, 2020, 4:01 p.m.

I'd rather be bored than dead, or worse, impaled.

As it turned out, her plant adventure friend was Anssi and she couldn’t help the small feeling of relief she felt. While most of her friends and classmates were nice, the bright familiar face of the sixth year was welcoming. She smiled over at him as he spoke, stifling a slight snicker at his reference to his brother. While Petra hadn’t really known Ruben, she knew enough of him to understand the joke. The other Lundqvist boy had been a real handful to say the least. “I’m glad I picked the right partner then,” the seventh year quipped in a bright tone, pausing just a moment to pull her unruly blonde curls back into a ponytail. The last thing she needed was one of the more active plants taking a chomp out of them. “I guess growing up with Ruben might prepare you for these types of situations.” After all, she knew that he had some type of hand in the bootleg business, although Leo never went into specifics. So if one could make alcohol, well poisonous mixtures weren’t that far off.

Pulling on her own gloves, the Aquila looked at the plants that Anssi had pointed out, nodding along. “The aconite prefers moist climates as well, similar to a dark wooded area,” she commented, agreeing with the statements of the other student. “And hellebore. Well they both seem to prefer the time right after the frost. Maybe we could charm the area to morph from early spring to autumn. Aconite root is best harvested around then to keep the same potency for the poison. They’re both resistant to frost.” She stared at the two plants, trying to think of how it might work. “You have to ingest them for it to harm you, so we should be okay to move them each individually without much worry.”

She eyed her partner as he put on his own gloves. At least it looked like someone still took their job seriously. The prefect badge was pinned to Anssi’s street clothes and she briefly wondered where hers was. It wasn’t on her robes, that much she was sure of. It was likely in her trunk, stashed away at the bottom so that she could forget that she was meant to be more responsible than the other teenagers in the school. It probably made a bit of sense for someone to be proud of it, but she found it to be more of a burden. She pulled anxiously on her gloves, now eyeing the stump like plant with a certain amount of caution.

“It definitely needs both of us to replant it. Doesn’t the snargaluff attack when you provoke it? Levitating it might be smart, but I would think we need to uncover the roots before casting so that we don’t harm it or aggravate it.” The last thing they needed was it lashing out at them as they were focusing on a charm. “Do you think we could bind it first? That might help with the uh, vines.” Her brain had come up with the word tentacles, but that certainly didn’t fit the bill. “We could cast an incarcerous and see if that helped at all to get it free of the soil?”

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