Mikael Lundqvist

Sept. 7, 2020, 3:02 p.m.

Stabbing is indeed the worst-case scenario

Growing up with Ruben had, indeed, prepared him for these types of situations. Maybe not exactly like this; there had been a few times when a day’s hike with his brother had turned into a weekend trip, but the inedible plants they’d come across in the forested fjällen generally didn’t have teeth or magical attributes. As far as could remember, they’d never even encountered a creature more dangerous than the odd fox spotted from a distance, so Ruben hadn’t needed to show off his full range of upsettingly punchy survivalist knowledge. But punchy survivalism had come up anyways in other contexts around their home - after learning of the bullying that happened while he was away at school, his brother had seemed determined to teach him self-defense by any means necessary, going as far as to spring on him one morning when he pulled back the shower curtains - so ja, Anssi was not too worried about tackling this poison garden, although he’d prefer the ‘tackling’ part to stay a metaphor if possible.

The blonde nodded along as Petra thought-out-loud, her description bringing back memories from Potions class last year. He didn’t tend to do much schoolwork over the summer holidays (it would have been nice to keep up with his Animagus exercises this summer, but as he didn’t turn seventeen for another month still, it hadn’t been an option) and it always took a little time to come back to him. “To mimic early spring shouldn’t be too hard. The soil is still frozen at that time, but because they are potted, we can just cool down the base of the pots, and then encourage the soil to stay damp,” he suggested. “Maybe with a water-retention charm? I don’t think we want to create too much, uh,” rain and snow and all of those types of weather, there was a word for it, he was drawing a blank, “well, water in the air. More comes later in the spring, but not right when the frost ends, all the water is still in the ground.”

Pulling on his gloves, fingers settling comfortably in the worn leather, Anssi took a few steps closer to the snargaluff to inspect it. From a distance he had thought the roots were resting loosely on top, but looking at it again he now realized that some of them were dug into the ground, which would definitely make things trickier. “Tying it up might just antagonize it,” he guessed. “We could just dig away all the dirt first with defodio, and then after the roots are free, we could try mobiliarbus as a test. If it isn’t disturbed, it might not even notice being raised a short height.” Or it might notice being levitated and/or dug up in the first place, and try to eat them, but then they could reset and tie it up. He always liked having a backup plan, and if they could move it without needing any ropes, that just made things easier.

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