Andrew Tennant

Sept. 9, 2020, 9:19 p.m.

Not to mention vegetable control

Malachi didn’t remember Drew either, so this was perfect. Drew could use a class period of not being badgered, and Malachi seemed nice. Drew thanked him for the gloves and pulled them on. “Anything can happen,” Drew agreed, although he thought Malachi was maybe more optimistic than Drew was about what anything could encompass. Fistfights at parties. Stabbings. Arson. Adding poison—or, even if the greenhouse was well-warded, the temptation of poison—into the mix wasn’t going to help.

“It was fine,” Drew said. This hadn’t been the best summer ever, but nothing actively bad had happened. Even an As-You-Wishathon wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to a person. And his roommate Will was one thing, but Drew just didn’t wanna talk about his messy breakup with a virtual stranger. “My dad and stepdad are teachers, so I’m just here for the summers, we don’t do anything special.” Just hanging out with Madeleine, playing games, stuff like that. Same old, same old.

“But I visited my cousin in Boston for a while.” Drew got the feeling that Marissa already knew about the breakup before he told her (no points for guessing which link in the McKindy-Tennant-Embers-Kendrick grapevine had told her), but she’d pretended not to, and after he told her she offered to do classic breakup recovery stuff with him like eating ice cream and watching movies and partying. It was nice to get away from RMI for a while, like other students could. “She’s in college and she has this awesome house, so we threw a party. It was pretty cool.” Being the youngest person at a college party made Drew the odd one out, but he was almost seventeen and he could almost blend in with some of the rising sophomores. He’d had a good time anyway.

“Belladonna likes sunlight,” Drew recalled, “so just, wherever the opposite of where they’re putting the Devil’s Snare is where it should go. Maybe we should all make a sunny half and a shady half to this greenhouse.” If they got in there first, Drew and Malachi could set up the greenhouse that way and everyone else would have to work with it. “How about you? What’re your summers like?”

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