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Sept. 25, 2020, 10:44 p.m.

Take Flight! [Magical Sciences Years 4-7]

“Pass some treats ‘round, a beg.” Jeremy offered a bowl of foil-wrapped coconut caramels to the nearest student. “Please take. No worries, no test today!” he joked, dark skin broken with a blinding white smile. When subbing on test days, the Ghanian habitually brought baked goods to reward their hard efforts, so the students might have been expecting a test to follow this latest sugary treat. In reality, he had just stocked up on pre-Halloween sale candy and immediately felt the guilt of snacking too much on his own. Sharing with the students was a good solution, and he enjoyed seeing how happy it made them, too.

He enjoyed being here in general, really. After his early years subbing for a variety of schools across the IWCE, Jeremy had jumped at the chance to put his name forward for permanent consideration at Rocky Mountain International. He found the faculty predictable and easy to work with... well, with the exception of Samuel Boot, whose every interaction confused him. He seemed to know both everything and nothing at all about the world’s history. Jeremy had yet to sub for any of his classes, though, which he was grateful for; despite being of an age where his health should be in decline, the older man had never once called in sick.

Lorraine Taylor, on the other hand, was not an exception but a perfect example of why Jeremy was more than willing to be summoned to RMI on short notice. Upon receiving today’s urgent call, he had cheerfully packed up the remainder of his lunch, wrapped himself in a colourful jacket, and hurried down the street to the nearest Apparation point, soon trading the afternoon sun of Accra for the morning breeze of Boulder. Science wasn’t his strong suit, but he knew from experience that Lorraine kept meticulous notes and so had no concerns about following along with whatever she had planned.

According to her lesson plan, the Magical Science students had spent recent classes going over the laws of physics and discussing how spells that seemed to contradict those laws could actually work in harmony. For instance, Newton’s second law, ‘an object at rest remains at rest until acted on by an external force’, held true in spellcasting, because even though magic was visible only in its effects there was still a force involved. Or how levitation charms seemed to counter gravity, but could instead be framed as changing an object’s gravitational field to something above it. (These were very basic summaries of what he had read in Lorraine’s notebook. Again, science wasn’t his strength.)

Today was an activity day. After briefly summarizing their previous lesson, glancing down frequently to the notebook in his hands to make sure he hadn’t missed anything important, Jeremy cleared his throat and moved to an explanation of their task. “Pair up, an’ come to the middle to pick out one of these kits. Today, you gon’ be building a model together.” There was a small pyramid of cardboard boxes that the students could choose from - mostly rockets and planes, but there were a couple model helicopters too, for those who wanted a bit more of a challenge.

“Professor Taylor’s asked that you build your model properly the Muggle way first, then do a test flight with different spells. Not just movement charms, mind; use ones that--” at this point, Jeremy consulted the notebook again for her phrasing “--‘thoughtfully reflect physics principles, such as generating wind to rotate propellers’.” He tried to think of another example to add but nothing came to mind. Ah well, students were young and creative, they could surely come up with something. To prove this (to himself as much as anyone else, really) Jeremy randomly gestured at the first student he made eye contact with. “Can you think of another example?” They said something that sounded plausible enough to him, and he beamed. “Excellent! Ten points to, uh, whatever House you’re in.” The school’s magic should be able to figure it out. He was only a substitute, after all; he was at RMI somewhat regularly, but not enough in any one class to even be able to tell which students belonged, let alone remember all their Houses.

“So after testing your models out a bit, if you want to change them at all using magic or Muggle technique, go ahead. For homework, you’ll write a short report on the spells you used, how they ‘thoughtfully reflect physics principles’, an’ how you found the models overall… if it was useful or not for your learning,” he half-added, half-guessed at what Lorraine had meant. “And, well, that’s it, so you can get started! The box should have all that you need, but if you run out or need help, give a wave.” She had left him a spare glue bottle and a mini screwdriver kit, although Jeremy wasn’t honestly sure what to do with either of those, and the instructions on the side of each box weren’t much help as they were cartoon-style without many words. Hopefully no one would actually need help interpreting the pictures, as they might be stuck here a while.

OOC: you know what to do! Have fun, and try not to break anything or cause injury - although if you do, at least make it interesting. Bonus points for the first to come up with a ‘plausible enough’ example for Jeremy! :) And if you don’t have a student taking MagSci and feel left out, welllll, Jeremy really isn’t going to notice if an extra student shows up for fun. He’s only a substitute, after all.

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