Tycho Leppit

Sept. 26, 2020, 1:37 p.m.

The highs and lows

The cool thing about substitute teachers was that they were usually pretty laid-back. No rules, no homework, and hell yeah was that candy? Tycho was super into being bribed by authority figures, so after accepting several to many of the caramel coconuts, he made a silent agreement with Professor Ofosu to do his best in class today. The man had earned it. The arrangement was sealed.

Professor Ofosu said they were building models, and that actually sounded kinda rad. Elliot would probably call him a nerd for it, but sometimes Tycho built models at home with Reece. He had a weirdly vivid memory of building this model DNA double helix once, and that was fun. Tycho liked building things. He was definitely a lego kid back in the day. But now he was fourteen and, despite general excitement for the lesson, would have definitely preferred to be working with, like, human supermodels. Those were a way more rad kind of model.

They needed partners, so Tycho made eye contact with a neighbor to claim them before going to grab a model for the two of them. But then he made eye contact with Professor Ofosu and had to answer a question. “Uh, maybe like Arresto Momentum to make it not fall so fast if it takes a nosedive?” He wasn’t really sure if that counted, but apparently it was close enough for points, so he wasn’t gonna argue against himself.

But then - then - the betrayal came. A homework assignment. Heartbreak. Tycho felt like his trust in the substitute system had been broken, and he was almost tempted to request more candy in exchange for the assignment. Realistically, he probably just wouldn’t do it, but still!

Nursing his wound, he turned to his designated partner and said, “Alright, how do we want to do this?”

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