Sept. 26, 2020, 2:47 p.m.

I can help you need help

Okay, Elliot Phippen was pretty much the reason child leashes had been invented (even though Kit thought it was mostly very wrong to put children on leashes, in Elliot’s case she thought it would be acceptable) but as it turned out, he was kind of on Kit’s wavelength when it came to this class. He suggested they stake out a corner of the greenhouse for their Devil’s Snare, which he referred to as Ferdinand. Kit could totally, absolutely tell that this Devil’s Snare was super definitely a Ferdinand. It just gave off Ferdinand vibes. That was the perfect name for it. And even though Elliot was a nastypants, Kit could really appreciate anyone who was so in tune with nature like that. She wasn’t into commune vegan stuff like Myffi was (Kit had briefly attempted going vegetarian a few years ago, only to find out that she didn’t actually understand what the word meant) but she still did found art pieces sometimes and tried to conserve resources. The Earth was important, and if Elliot understood that the Earth was important, even plants like Devil’s Snare that were totally misunderstood, he couldn’t be one-hundred-per-cent the absolute worst ever.

“Okay,” Kit agreed to Elliot’s plan, and pulled out her wand. “Devil’s Snare is so misunderstood though, we should really give Ferdinand more of a chance. He shouldn’t be defined by his species, you know? Mobiliarbus,” the plant rose and followed the direction of her wand tip as she directed it over to the corner that Elliot had pointed out. Unfortunately, Elliot then decided to ruin their perfectly civil conversation by insulting her like a child.

What did you say?” Kit snapped, whipping around to glare at Elliot. She would have started yelling at him then and there, except for the part where she realized that her wand had also moved with her body, which had in turn sent Ferdinand on a crash course towards Elliot’s head, where her wand tip was currently pointed. Even though Elliot had just been super rude, Kit didn’t want to hurt Ferdinand on him, but she also couldn’t remember how to cancel the spell. Crap crap crap crap.

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