Elliot Phippen

Sept. 26, 2020, 3:04 p.m.

I’ll take the high road

Elliot was always stoked for magical sciences. In a world ruled by quill pens and ink stains (seriously, it was weird that the wizarding world was so lefty-unfriendly when people literally used to get burned at the stake as witches for being lefties) and a total lack of batteries, MagSci was like a breath of air-conditioned air. At least someone was trying to drag the wizarding world into the 21st century, and Elliot wanted to enlist. Technomancy was the future.

Unfortunately Professor Taylor didn’t start the fourth years off with “enchant an AI that could pass the Turing Test,” which was what Elliot had had in mind when he added her class as an elective. Magic obviously had some kind of internal logic to it (like, when you levitated a person, you didn’t have to separately levitate everything on them and their gut bacteria and stuff), so magic AI should be just taking that one step further, right? But that was more of a seventh year project, apparently, so in the meantime MagSci was basically a Muggle science class with a couple of extra magical steps thrown in for well-roundedness. Being half-wizard and half-Muggle, anything that bridged the gap was cool with Elliot, but if he wanted math and memorization he would’ve taken arithmancy after all.

When he saw RMI’s long-term sub, Elliot tried not to roll his eyes. Subs in elementary school were fun because they let you do nothing instead of boring work, but subs in wizarding school meant you didn’t get to keep working on the cool stuff you actually wanted to do. At least there was candy.

Model kits? Elliot immediately looked up and found Tycho looking back at him. Perfect. Elliot wasn’t patient enough for this crap, but Tycho and his dad were the kind of nerds who made minfigs and stuff—the Muggle way, because Reece was some kind of weird magiphobe. Elliot was 99% sure that Reece would lose his shit over a 3D printer even though he literally had the power to conjure things out of thin air.

“I was thinking I’ll punch out the pieces,” model kits usually came with all the pieces in plastic sheets that you needed to separate them from, “and you do the putting-together part. I’m thinking we could do a spell to make smoke come out when we launch it, for, y’know, the aesthetic.” Aesthetic was a physics principle, right?

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