Malachi Çenturion

Sept. 26, 2020, 3:13 p.m.

Definitely that, too

Mal snorted a little as he pulled his own gloves on. "Yeah, you're right about that."

Wow. So Drew stayed here all year round then? Malachi couldn't imagine that. He guessed that maybe since Drew's family was here too, it helped, but Mal had always needed a break from school, and after summer, he needed a break from his family.

"Parties are fun! I've never been to a house party though. I have a pretty big extended family living here, so whenever we have parties, it's typically a large event, but not like, a kid-party, you know? I tried to learn how to cook this summer but my mom wouldn't let me actually cook for any of the parties. She was afraid I would burn the house down." Which, actually, wasn't an unfounded concern. He'd burned much food over the summer...

So much food.

Looking around the greenhouse, he could see that Drew's idea was probably a good one. He raised his arm and pointed to an opposite corner, filled with light streaming in. "Would over there work, you think? Or does it need more sunlight?"

Malachi had to think about that one. His summers were actually kind of boring. "Well, we live in Oregon, so if the weathers nice, we do a lot of hiking and outdoorsy stuff. Sometimes, we make a day trip and go to the beach. Other than that, we just kind of hang out at home. Was this summer a normal summer for you? Or do you usually do something different?"

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