Sept. 26, 2020, 3:34 p.m.

But I'll be getting there befoooooore you!


Elliot was totally giving Tycho the fun part of the job! Well, more accurately, Elliot was taking the easy part of the job because he totally didn’t give a crap about any of this, which was fair. But Tycho on the other hand loved this stuff. So everybody won!

“Sounds good to me,” he replied. He also really liked the smoke idea. That would be sweet and make their model way cooler than anybody else’s. Or maybe it would just make it look like it was on fire. Well, if they were in doubt after that, they always had the option to just actually set it on fire. Fire was science. It totally counted.

Tycho opened the packet and handed Elliot the sheets to need punched out. The instruction manual remained within the box when Tycho sat it on the ground beside him. Who needed instructions? Instructions were for dorks and girls. Tycho was a man, and he could build a plane without some patronizing letter-coded how-to’s, thank you very much. “Okay, hand me the first few pieces when you’ve got ‘em,” he advised Elliot. Hell yeah, dude, Tycho was so ready for this.

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