Elliot Phippen

Sept. 26, 2020, 11:51 p.m.

I think I’ll survive

Score. See, this was the thing Elliot liked about working with Tycho. For whatever reason—and Elliot was sure that the reason did not matter all that much—Tycho was cool with doing extra work while Elliot just did the menial tasks, and that was fine with both of them. It wasn’t that Elliot minded doing hard work (he wouldn’t be taking eight classes if he wasn’t willing to work), but the kind of bullshit work that Tycho was totally chill with bored the crap out of Elliot. It wasn’t that Elliot minded practicing. Practicing magic was like dying in a video game. You didn’t lower the difficulty when you died, you just practiced until you were better at the game. Make sure you were fully levelled up, make sure you were using your powerups the way you were supposed to, hone your reflexes to flip between your abilities so you could totally crush the enemies.

Okay, magic didn’t work quite like that, but it was close enough. You had to put in the work. Elliot was someone who could put in the extra work, and Tycho was not, so they were a good team. Together, they were a well-balanced party. Elliot wasn’t sure whether to classify himself as a rogue or a mage, but Tycho was definitely trying to be a tank. He was trying to absorb any damage that happened (even when he couldn’t). Elliot was way more strategic about this.

Anyway, the best part of this partnership was that Tycho would do all the Muggle stuff that Elliot already knew how to do and didn’t want to do in magic school. “Here you go,” Elliot said, once he’d punched out a few. Another good thing about working with Tycho was that Elliot didn’t have to make the plan. They would build the rocket, Elliot would tack a couple of spells onto the tail (smoke? Sparks? Elliot could do both and he knew what would look better), and bada bing bada boom, they would get an Outstanding.

At least, that would work with most professors. Taylor was hard to impress, but they had Ofosu today, so…

“Here you go,” Elliot said, passing the pieces he’d punched out to Tycho. He quickly checked the instructions, but they made no sense. Elliot squinted at the diagram. “I hope you know what to do, because Ofosu gave us hieroglyphs. Seriously, I would’ve taken Ancient Runes if I wanted to try to interpret shit like this.”

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