Sadie Embers

Sept. 27, 2020, 10:55 a.m.

In search of a partner

Sadie missed substitute teachers from Muggle school. They always came with a TV and movies. Sometimes it was a classic Bill Nye - if it was for an English class, they watched something related to what they were reading. They couldn’t do that at Rocky Mountain International. Well, maybe they could, and they simply refused to. They were all about learning no matter what, which was stupid. Kids needed breaks sometimes!

At least Professor Ofosu acted sorry enough about this and gave them candy.

Unfortunately, Sadie did not like coconut so it was extra disappointing. She sighed and passed the bowl of sweets to her neighbor, settling in to whatever lecture they were about to get. Part of her wished she’d chosen something besides Magical Sciences as her elective. It was cool sometimes, and she liked Professor Taylor enough, but it was so much more work than she expected. Even with a substitute, they were going to have to do so much. Sadie Embers had enough going on; she didn’t want to lose her whole day to school. And homework over the weekend? Just unfair.

At least she wasn’t as crazy as Elliot, who was taking eight classes like an idiot. She hadn’t asked why. He’d probably give her some weird, nerd, video game related reason.

Speaking of nerds, she could totally use Elliot or Tycho for this class. She liked the idea of adding spells to the finished model, but Sadie hated puzzles. Once, her mom got her a jigsaw puzzle, and Sadie got so frustrated that she picked up a giant book and used it to smash the pieces on top of each other until they fit. She’d need Elliot or Tycho to --

Oh, come on! As soon as she turned to grab one as a partner, they’d partnered together. Elliot took Tycho! When she was able to make eye contact with Elliot, Sadie showed him a very specific finger and stuck out her tongue. She’d have to make do with another partner. Sadie saw a classmate with materials already in hand. She stuck her hands in her jean pockets and walked over, hoping they would be someone who liked putting these model things together.

“Hey, you need a partner and I need a model to put together. Wanna help a girl out?”

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