Remington Burnham

Sept. 27, 2020, 11:39 a.m.

Let's go fly a kite! Erm, helicopter

Remington couldn’t believe it - she was finally having a good year at Rocky Mountain International. Her head student badge glinted from its spot on the front of her robes, and she smiled nearly every time she saw it. On her college applications, she highlighted that accomplishment. Soon, she hoped to add animagus to her list. She could tell that whatever she’d transform into had feathers, but she hadn’t managed a full transformation yet. It was there, though. It was so close.

And she couldn’t ignore how much better it felt to have things with Drew fixed. They were more than fixed, really. When they went on their first date, the Draco worried it would be weird. She’d gone on a date with Marley, she thought, but that was different from going out with a best friend. What if it ruined the little bit of stability they’d found again outside of all the weirdness attending RMI brought? For the briefest moment, she considered cancelling the whole thing. But that would have absolutely made everything worse.

She made the right call, going on the date. Both of their schedules were busy (okay, her schedule was a nightmare and Drew was really sweet, making it work) and they’d only found the time for one date. Drew surprised her by reading one of her favorite books so they could talk about it while having a picnic in a park near Pearl Street. Remington knew of book characters that swooned but never saw that happen to someone in real life. She had a pretty good idea of what it meant now. Like, he had notes and talking points about the book. It gave her butterflies! When he asked if he could kiss her, she said yes, and it wasn’t bad. Remington didn’t like kissing very much, but this one… maybe she could like kissing after all. They held hands on the way back to school - also new and surprisingly nice - and with the way RMI worked, people seemed to know they’d gone on a date before they’d even left the elevator back to school.

School was going great, her social life wasn’t a nightmare for once, and her college applications were on track to being finished for early action deadlines. After seven years of ups and downs, things were finally good.

It put an extra bit of pep in Remington’s step when she went to class. Before her head student rounds, she’d thrown on a mock turtleneck sweater under her school robes - a wine red and beautifully knitted - and mustard yellow jeans. Everything seemed normal, and after a quick breakfast, she made her way to Magical Sciences.

After a while, she’d gotten used to Professor Osofu. She liked that he clearly followed the lesson plans provided and didn’t waste their time with fake classes when the usual professor was gone. She didn’t like busy work, and Osofu rarely gave that out.

She picked up a model helicopter - for the challenge, of course - and smiled at the first student she made eye contact with. “Want to work together? I was thinking we could use a charm to power the propellers, maybe create wind, and maybe find a way to add blinking lights to the front with magic.”

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