Sept. 27, 2020, 11:49 a.m.

I know you are but what am I

Fortunately, Kit had spent several years practicing her dodging skills so she was super good at dodging. Like woah, professional dodgeball skills good at dodging. She’d probably actually be pretty good at dueling if she could think about spells quickly enough but alas, that particular skill was not in her arsenal. It didn’t have to be for the moment though, because when Elliot rudely threw Ferdinand right back at her, instead of doing something normal and nice like stopping the plant from accidentally hitting him, all Kit really had to do was dodge. So she did. She did an epic dodge, rolling out of the way while simultaneously diving toward the floor like she was playing baseball (which she had once described to Darlene as ‘like Muggle Quidditch, only with just Bludgers and no brooms’) (in retrospect, Kit had realized that this probably gave Darlene a really bad idea of what Muggle sports were, but she had never thought of it often enough to correct it). Anyway, even as Kit did what would have been an epic slide into home, she heard a CRASH from behind her and realized her mistake.

Poor, poor Ferdinand’s pot had cracked against the greenhouse wall, and there was now dirt everywhere and oh gosh she was so glad plants didn’t bleed because otherwise it would look like a murder scene, which it pretty much was and of course, Elliot Phippen was the murderer.

“MURDERER!” she yelled at him, as she jumped up and ran over to poor Ferdinand, who was lying amidst his broken pot. At first glance he looked okay, so it was time for some quick acting. The first thing Kit did was scramble for her wand, which had fallen to the floor, and cast Reparo. She wasn’t the best ever at magic but she’d gotten pretty good at that one, mostly because Kit was known for breaking things with her enthusiasm sometimes. When it came to art and cosplay and stuff she was very careful all the time and could pull off really beautiful and complex pieces, but when it came to pretty much everything else, things could get a little tricky. Kit was just impatient, and impatient meant breaking things and blowing up potions which meant breaking things, and well - pretty much there had been a great need for her to learn that spell as soon as she could. So she had.

So once the pot was fixed, Kit put down her wand grabbed Ferdinand, who was lying pathetically on his side, and went to put him into the pot. Except there very quickly developed a problem. And that problem was that Ferdinand, probably very upset by the things going on around him, had wrapped his little baby Devil’s Snare tentacles around both of her wrists and was beginning to constrict them. Since Ferdinand wasn’t a full-grown Devil’s Snare (Kit knew those could be as big as an entire swimming pool) and there was a room full of people, even though the tentacles were getting tighter and tighter she wasn’t very concerned about herself. But she needed Ferdinand to stop hugging her otherwise there would probably be a problem very quickly.

“Help!” she called. “Elliot, help me with Ferdinand! Please don’t hurt him! Be very nice to him just get him off me!”

It did not cross Kit’s mind that Elliot, being her arch-nemesis and the boy she had called a murderer about a minute and a half earlier, might not be particularly inclined to help her out of Ferdinand’s grasp. After all, she would probably help Elliot if he got caught. Well. Only if she could do it without hurting the plant.

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