Sept. 27, 2020, 8:25 p.m.

Devil’s Snare food?

The Banishing Charm worked like a… well, like a charm. It was super effective in sending Ferninand’s pot away from Elliot’s head and back toward Kit. Unfortunately it was also super effective in smashing said pot into a zillion pieces and sending Ferninand tumbling to the ground in a heap of ceramic shards and loose dirt. Oops.


“You attacked me with him!” Elliot yelled at Kit’s retreating back. Jesus H. That was it, he just wasn’t gonna work with her anymore. Devil’s Snare was still rad as hell, but it was not cool enough to put himself through dealing with Kit. Professor McCloud had found them a bunch of super cool plants. He could go repot a Venemous Tentacula instead.

He turned to leave (maybe Eugene or Jarrett still needed a partner, or he could create a group of three) and was almost away when he heard Kit yell his name. Great. Now what?

Now, apparently, Kit had done the stupidest possible thing and gotten all tangled up in the tentacles, because of course she had. And he had to admit he was very tempted to leave her and Ferninand to it. It’d serve her right. But Elliot wasn’t full renegade—he had at least a few paragon points. If Elliot were to put himself on an alignment chart he would say he was chaotic good. Or chaotic neutral at the very least. He definitely wasn’t evil, was the point, and even though Kit was being a gigantic dick and totally deserved it, it would definitely be evil to let Ferninand strangle her to death. Plus Elliot wasn’t sure what they did to plants that killed people, but he imagined Professor McCloud would have to deal with it like a dog that had bitten someone.

So instead of going to the Dark Side and facilitating a Coruscant Jedi Temple-type massacre, Elliot reluctantly went back over to Kit, careful to stay out of Ferninand’s reaching grasp. “Stop struggling, I’m saving your life,” he said. The more she tried to get away, the more Elliot could see Ferninand tightening his grip. Without warning Kit to close her eyes, he cast “Lumos maxima.” That should take care of it, right?

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