Oct. 17, 2020, 1:53 p.m.

...yeah I'll give you that

So Elliot did come to rescue her, which was good because Kit kind of didn’t want Professor McCloud’s first impression of her to be that she was really bad at plants, because she wasn’t. She just believed that plants needed the right environment to grow into good plants, or some of them at least, and it was clear that Ferdinand needed some more encouragement in his life. Maybe someone singing to him, or glow in the dark stars in his part of the greenhouse. Or even actual trips outside the greenhouse at night, so that he could see the stars. Could Devil’s Snare see, actually? Kit wasn’t sure. She couldn’t see eyes, but that didn’t mean that magical things couldn’t see, just because they didn’t have eyes. Magical things could be a little weird, which was kind of cool but also kind of dangerous like right now because okay maybe she was struggling a little big against Ferdinand and maybe Elliot was fair in saying that she needed to stop because he was trying to help, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t have warned her when he made light EXPLODE out of his wand.

Holy crumbs there was light all over the place. Kit actually couldn’t see much at all, other than light, even after she closed her eyes. She definitely felt Ferdinand let go though, which was good, but also maybe bad because if the light was hurting her, what was it doing to Ferdinand? Devil’s Snare didn’t like light. Kit did like light, and it was too much light. Oh no, poor Ferdinand!

“Turn it off!” Kit yelled, eyes still closed even as she turned away from the light. She could still see it exploding in the back of her eyelids. “Don’t hurt him!” She could just imagine little baby Ferdinand shrivelling in the dirt that had spilled when the pot had cracked into a million pieces. It was such a sad image that it made her want to cry. “I can’t see, can you nestle him back in his pot gently? And maybe we can drape our robes over him or something so he can recover? How do you help Devil’s Snare when it gets hurt with that much light?”

She was crying a little bit now, although she wasn’t sure if it was because her eyes hurt from looking directly into a light spell, or because she was upset that Ferdinand was hurt.

“We have to make sure that he’s okay,” Kit insisted.

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