Oct. 17, 2020, 2:09 p.m.

That's no fun. You gotta be a little sad. I've bested you!

Elliot handed Tycho the first few pieces, who studied them thoroughly. He looked meticulously over the details of the joints and connecting parts, studiously determining if and how they fit. It was just a puzzle, and one that Tycho was bound to crack wide open. Kinda like a secret code. Tycho loved all that stuff. He loved problem solving, using his brain in new and different ways to find the solution, getting creative all along the path to the answers. It was dorky, sure, but the love of the chase for truth and results was definitely something he’d inherited from Reece. (Okay, yes, Tycho knew he technically didn’t inherit anything from Reece because that wasn’t his dad, but whatever, his point still stood.)

It took him a second to figure out what sort of hieroglyphs Elliot was talking about. Tycho glanced over and saw his friend squinting with distrust and confusion at the instruction diagram that came with the pieces. He laughed. “Yeah, you’re better off without those,” he commented idly. “I mean, who needs instructions, right? Either we’ll figure it out” - a generous we since Tycho was doing all the figuring - “or we’ll build a horrible monstrosity unfit for life. Either way, beats a pop quiz.” He monkeyed a bit with the last piece Elliot had given him, and after some fiddling, he found where it connected to the other. “Bing pot.”

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