Katherine Kendrick

Oct. 17, 2020, 2:19 p.m.

Doesn't that usually take training?

Okay when it came down to it, Kit taking Magical Sciences hadn’t been the best idea ever. She was pretty sure that Professor Taylor didn’t like her very much, and she was double sure that she wasn’t actually very good at the science part of magical sciences. And she wasn’t great at the magic part of magical sciences either, since the magic part was all science-y, which made sense when you thought about it, but when Kit had been picking out her classes in third year, she had clearly not thought about it, and that was how they had ended up here, with her barely passing the class, and with very little idea about whatever physics principles that the sub was talking about were. From the look on his face though, Kit was pretty sure that Professor Ofosu didn’t know what they were either, so at least she wasn’t alone.

Kit wasn’t super at taking tests, and she was really really not looking forward to taking this particular test when the time came. She was already worried about failing and having to re-take or something like that. Did you have to re-take your seventh year if you failed your IMPs? Kit wasn’t sure. She knew that Dakota had failed a year and that was why she was with Kit and Drew instead of Remy, but that was when they were younger, and you didn’t get your IMPs results until the summer, right? So after you graduated? Did you actually have to pass all of your classes to get your diploma, or could it just be most of them? Kit wasn’t usually worried about school, but Magical Sciences made her worried about school. So she did what she did when she was worried about school - she looked for Remy.

And she found Remy, who asked to work together and then gave some ideas for how they could work together. That was good, that was promising. Kit knew that sometimes people didn’t like working with her in class (for example, she was 99% certain that she and Elliot would be working together in class on the south side of Absolutely NEVER after their start-of-the-year Magizoo class) and honestly she was usually the one to have to ask to work together, so it was nice of Remy to ask her. Even though Kit knew that Remy knew that Kit was not going to be very helpful in this project. Well, maybe.

Because actually, looking at what Remy held, Kit realized that this wasn’t a whole lot different than making a cool prop for a cosplay. Just with magic, which she’d never incorporated into a costume because that was cheating. And physics, which just sucked. But if you ignored the physics part, it was a kit to put something together and Kit (hah!) was good at that sort of thing, actually. Awesome.

“Yeah, we can make wind, and lights are good,” Kit said. “I can paint it so that the letters change, kind of like one of those scrolling things you see on the news? Do you know what I’m talking about? Like it could be red with a white stripe and the white stripe could say something but it could snake around the whole model, not just be boring and still. Does that make sense?” Grandpa Aaron had taught her how to enchant paints two years ago, and she had some paints in her bag because she’d been planning to go back to the theater to work on some cosplay props after class today, and she’d run out of red, white, and green the other day. She didn’t like painting in her room, because it might make Brewey sick with the fumes and Kit absolutely didn’t want to make her lizard-friend sick.

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