Remington Burnham

Oct. 17, 2020, 8:18 p.m.

Usually, but maybe we can figure it out

Despite having a lot of complicated feelings about Kit Kendrick, Remington wanted to work with her. First of all, this was Magical Sciences. If Remington didn’t work with Kit, it was very unlikely the younger student would find a partner at all. She felt confident that she could salvage together her grade for the day if she needed to, no matter what Kit did, and she had a feeling that Professor Osofu, as well as the rest of RMI’s professors, knew to be a little kinder with their grades when Kit was involved.

Plus, she felt weird about how their last interaction ended. Technically, the end of term wasn’t the last time they talked. Whenever they briefly talked this term, Kit seemed hesitant - a whole new personality trait for her - and it made Remington feel bad. She didn’t regret what she said. Someone needed to treat Kit like an adult, because she nearly was by wizarding world standards, and she needed to stop being babied. Her actions didn’t need to be excused because, oh, that’s just how Kit was. But that didn’t mean Remington needed to say it in such an unkind way. She could have been nicer.

So… it was time to make nice with Katherine Kendrick. May her Magical Science grade not suffer.

And to her slight surprise, Kit jumped right in with some ideas. Remington felt her smile become more genuine, less put on and tense. See, this is what was so frustrating about Kit: when things clicked in her head (correctly, actual things, not fantasy), she was very clever and creative. She’d probably do well if she used her energy for artistic projects or even internet celebrity. She didn’t know that much about TikTok, although her conversation with Dea at the opening feast gave her slightly more of an idea, but she could imagine that Kit would be very successful at short form comedy like that.

Anyway, Kit’s suggestions were good, and Remington wished Kit’s energy went towards more things like this. It would be easier for everyone involved.

“Yeah, yeah, those…” Remington trailed off, also trying to find the right word. Marquee wasn’t quite it. “I can’t think of the word either, but I know exactly what you’re talking about, and that would be perfect. I love that idea.”

The Draco motioned for Kit to follow her so they could find a space to work. She pulled a chair up to the nearest free table and sat. She quickly removed the pieces from the box so both she and Kit had something to work on, and then she placed the box on the table, instructions side up. She picked up a couple of pieces to try and decipher the first instruction. She always preferred when things had words to go with the pictures. Leave it to Professor Taylor to make this even more difficult. While she tried to figure out what to do, Remington decided to speak up.

“So, Drew and I talked a little bit after our date the other day,” she said, almost nervous, “And I realized I owe you an apology. I’m not sorry about what I said, but I really should have been nicer about it. I was upset, and I let myself be angry instead of… reasonable or helpful or able to have any kind of conversation.” She tore her brown eyes away from the box to look at Kit. “I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

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