Elliot Phippen

Oct. 17, 2020, 9:38 p.m.

You’re simply the best

“Bingpot,” Elliot agreed, as Tycho snapped the pieces together. He just didn’t have the patience for this kind of stuff. Like, Elliot loved the concept of D&D, but character building was terrible, minfigs took too long to make, and DMing apparently involved a lot of math and wasted effort. No thanks. Elliot just liked the parts where he got to describe epically slicing a goblin in half with his sword, but every time he had played involved a lot of arguing with the other party members over what to do next and hearing a long list of shop inventory items that they couldn’t afford anyway.

“Well, if we make a horrible monstrosity, we’ll just use Ascendio to make it launch,” Elliot reasoned. You could make a brick aerodynamic with a few well-placed charms.

Since Tycho was on the engineering team, Elliot would just have to do design. “I’m thinking sparks coming out of the end would be a good touch,” he told Tycho. “Maybe silver and green? Aquila-Lyra power hour?” Technically Aquila was grey, but grey sparks sounded lame.

Speaking of Lyra, there was something Elliot wanted to know… and maybe Tycho could help him with it. In fairness, Elliot and Eugene hadn’t talked about anything after the kissing-in-a-tree thing. Sometimes friends kissed in trees! That was a universal human experience, right? And that was way back in second year. They hadn’t had a capital-C conversation afterwards about who they were allowed to kiss, so Elliot had assumed the answer was “everyone.” Apparently Eugene had too. Which was fine, except that Elliot had heard (he wasn’t sure from who—maybe one of the Lemont girls?) that something was actually going on between Eugene and someone else, and it made Elliot feel the way you felt when you were three quarters through a boss fight, out of healing potions, with your HP whittled down to a sliver. “So hey, you live with Eugene,” he said casually. “Is he like… dating Norah? For real?”

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