Oct. 17, 2020, 9:57 p.m.

That's more like it.

“Good deal,” Tycho confirmed. He didn’t really care how this thing got into the air as long as he had finished assembling it first. After that, it was all on Elliot. Nobody could say Tycho didn’t do his part. He was totally pro-sparks, though. Tycho was pretty much pro-fire in any possible capacity, at least insofar as any circumstances he had been met with thus far in his life. Fireworks? Hell yeah. Bonfire? Let’s do it. Something blew up? Even better.

But then Elliot surprised him and asked about Eugene and Norah. Tycho was so surprised he almost dropped his partially assembled creation.”Dude, who knows?” he reported after a moment. “I don’t ask Eugene about his girl stuff.” Despite having reached his teen years, Tycho thus far didn’t have a lot of strong feelings about girls. Most of them were either fear or exasperation. In Sadie’s case it was often a combination of both, although Sadie was also barely a girl. Tycho was definitely still super into his old dance teacher, but she wasn’t a girl, she was a Woman, and that was also a very different matter entirely.

They had never really talked about it, but Tycho kinda suspected that Elliot was not only keen on girls, but guys as well. So while he kinda had a guess as to why Elliot might ask, he wasn’t sure which of the two parties involved were his specific area of concern. Despite generally preferring not to meddle in other people’s horrible disgusting lives, Tycho did value his friendship, and he was required by the bro code to be a solid wingman. “Do you want me to find out?”

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