Elliot Phippen

Oct. 18, 2020, 9:42 a.m.

Better that than fertilizer

Okay, so saving Kit went against every Renegade instinct in Elliot’s body, but he knew it was the right thing to do. Mostly because his mama and Kit’s mom were friends, and even though Elliot would definitely be doing the Kendricks a favor if he let Kit get got by a Devil’s Snare, he was pretty sure that none of the adults would see it that way.

Also he got a lot of satisfaction out of blinding Kit, like, probably enough satisfaction that he should have been docked some Paragon points.

And yet somehow Kit was still criticizing him. The world was an unjust place. “Maybe stop yelling at me, since I’m actively saving your life?” Elliot called to her, or at least to the approximate area her voice was coming from. Now there was a problem that he hadn’t even counted upon: how was he supposed to keep saving Kit’s life when he had to scrunch his eyes shut so that all he could see was the red that came from light trying to shine through your eyelids? He didn’t want to open his eyes and blind himself, but he couldn’t tell if Kit was far enough away from Ferninand that the Devil’s Snare wouldn’t just grab her again when he turned the bright light off.

“Walk away from him. Follow my voice,” surely even Kit could not screw that up. Elliot gave her a few moments to comply before he cancelled his spell and opened his eyes. Ferninand looked like an injured octopus at this point, but their robes were in the tree, and there was no way Elliot was getting close enough to shadow the Devil’s Snare with his own body. The pot was back in one piece (Kit had not screwed her mending charm up), so Elliot levitated it upside down and set it gently on top of Ferninand, like when Ari trapped a spider under a cup so she could beg someone else to deal with it. It had the dual function of protecting Ferninand from the “sun”light and stopping him from attacking again. Pleased with his solution, Elliot relaxed. “Don’t cry,” he told Kit, “we’re all good.”

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