Oct. 18, 2020, 10:22 a.m.

Is there a functional difference?

It hadn’t occurred to Kit that once Elliot turned the light off, that Ferdinand might grab her again, which would be just awful because then they’d have to hurt the poor plant again to rescue her, and Kit couldn’t do that to poor Ferdinand. So instead of arguing with Elliot about how he wasn’t saving her life because Ferdinand was a tiny little baby, she walked towards his voice and brushed the tears off her closed eyelids. Kit felt so bad for Ferdinand, and she felt like it was all her fault that he was getting hurt. This wasn’t exactly like the thing Remy had said because it all started off with an accident, but it still meant that an innocent plant had gotten hurt because Elliot was rude and Kit got mad.

A few moments after she walked towards Elliot, the light went out and Kit opened her eyes just in time to see poor, shriveled Ferdinand be covered by the upside-down pot that she had repaired. The dirt was still scattered all around and they should probably re-pot Ferdinand sooner rather than later, but for now he was protected from all the bad sunlight, which made Kit feel a little better. And it had been Elliot who came up with the solution, and now Elliot was telling her not to cry and before Kit had time to think about how weird it was that Elliot was being nice instead of being a dumb little brat, she was hugging him.

“Thank you for saving Ferdinand,” she said, still crying a little. “He just needs to learn better, it’s not his fault, I didn’t mean to hurt Ferdinand by hitting you with him, he’s just a little baby.” Kit was now sniffling a little bit as she continued to hug Elliot. Even if he was awful most of the time, he had saved her new little friend, and she couldn’t ever forget that. Now she knew even Elliot wasn’t all horrible, all the time.

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