Oct. 18, 2020, 10:48 a.m.

You think we'll need it? Better safe than sorry, I guess!

Malachi nodded, and quickly picked up the Belladonna in its nice new pot and began to carry it over to the designated corner. He was a little nervous with having a literally poisonous plant so close to his mouth, but it's not like he didn't trust Drew or Professor McCloud to grab an antidote or something. Because a lot of students in here didn't seem to to work with plants that could kill you and/or someone else, and he honestly didn't doubt that one or two of them would take advantage of it. Kind of like how Bianca's elementary school had an incident where a sixth grader put a Tide Pod in another's drink.

Also, he just really didn't wanna go through the hassle of poisoned, you know? Besides, he was pretty sure you had to actually ingest it so he decided to just keep his mouth locked tight in case he ended up licking accidentally on the short trip to the corner.

Once Mal set the plant down and made sure the dirt was not falling out of the pot, he turned back to Drew, who was pointing at a red haired girl who looked...upset and was very obviously someone who probably shouldn't be working with poison if he was correct about what her identity was.

Mal winced. "Yikes. That's, uh, that's rough, buddy." He looked back to Kit again and then once again back to Drew. "Also, movie marathons don't seem like the best way to give relationship advice, but that's my opinion. Also also, like, it's totally not my place because I don't know you that well, but like, I support your decision. I feel like you might need to hear that. Considering all the um, the looks you've been getting."

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