Oct. 18, 2020, 10:50 a.m.

Trial and firey error?

Woahkay, Kit was prepared for a lot of things in life, like she was prepared for Darby to be an acromantula (well she wasn’t, but she wasn’t stunned by it) and she was prepared for Darlene to have a serial killer mom (well she wasn’t, but she had gone with it) and she was prepared for...well, Kit couldn’t think of another thing she was prepared for but there was one thing she wasn’t prepared for: Drew and Remy dating. And for a couple reasons. One, Drew’s One True Love was Darlene, obviously, and while he was going through a moment of temporary insanity, Kit knew that her and Darlene’s plan was going to save the day. They hadn’t taken any major steps forward on the plan, but there was a plan and they were doing their research so the plan would be perfect. They didn’t want to accidentally kill Drew, after all. Anyway reason number two, was that Remy wasn’t a dating sort of person. Like there’d been a lot of fuss over her with that one party, and then Kit was pretty sure that she’d gone out with one of the Malachis one time, but that was it. Remy was seventeen whole years old and she hadn’t had a boyfriend or a girlfriend so Kit had just kind of assumed that Remy just, wasn’t a dating person. And that was okay.

Kit was not sure how okay it was that Remy and Drew were dating, because she liked Remy and she didn’t want Remy to be hurt, but it was also just too clear that Remy and Drew were not Meant To Be. She liked Remy, but obviously wasn’t best friends forever with Remy, so she couldn’t be on Remy’s side for this. But Kit also knew that she couldn’t tell Remy that, otherwise she’d raise suspicion. So instead of pointing out that Remy was just a mistake that Drew was making while he was away from his One True Love, Kit decided that she would accept Remy’s apology.

“It’s all right,” Kit said, and she meant it. “It was mean of me to think you and Connor,” she wrinkled her nose, “were dating. He’s a big huge jerk.” That was mostly why Kit had thought they were dating, though, because she couldn’t come up with another reason that Remy was spending time with him. LIke, unless Connor was blackmailing Remy or something but Kit was pretty sure that Remy was super smart enough to not do something that would get her blackmailed by Connor. Plus, Kit was pretty sure that Connor probably wasn’t smart enough to blackmail people right anyway. He’d seemed like kind of a wet washcloth most of last year anyway, barely even saying anything mean to anyone. Drew hadn’t even tried to punch him once. Not that Kit thought violence was okay, she was totally pro-not-hitting-people except maybe Elliot - well, no, now she couldn’t say that hitting Elliot was okay since he had proved himself to be a true Defender of Plants and plants were good. So yeah, the only person who it was kind of okay to hit was Connor, pretty much, but since he was gone there was no acceptable violence at RMI. That made sense.

“Let me help with that though,” Kit said, pulling the pile of model pieces towards her. “I’m really good at reading instructions like this, like mega good. A lot of people aren’t though because they thing with words but I can put together pictures really well, I do pictures for all of my cosplay stuff and this is just like a cosplay thing right? Except I don’t know what sort of cosplay I’d need a little helicopter for. Maybe Godzilla or something but I haven’t actually seen the movie so I don’t know if there’s helicopters in it.”

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