Oct. 18, 2020, 11:46 a.m.

Better than all the rest

It was honestly baffling that Tycho could not know, because in Elliot’s experience Eugene never shut up about something he cared about. So that meant one of four things. It could mean that the rumors were false and Eugene wasn’t actually dating Norah, so obviously he hadn’t told his roommate about it because it wasn’t true. Or it could mean that it wasn’t important enough to him that he wanted to talk about it, in which case, why was he dating here? Or it could mean that Eugene hadn’t wanted to tell Tycho for some reason—possibly because he didn’t want Tycho to tell Elliot? Or it meant that Tycho just wasn’t paying attention when Eugene talked, which was on brand.

But if Tycho was offering to investigate now then Elliot was absolutely gonna take him up on it. He didn’t wanna make things weird with Eugene by asking himself, but Tycho could get away with it.

“Yeah,” Elliot said, “could you? ‘Cause I heard Norah’s freaking betrothed, and I don’t want Eugene to get his stupid little heart broken.” Yeah, that was it. That and no other reason. “And I’m pretty sure if he’s dating her then I can’t make out with him any more,” not that they had done that in a while, “so like, I should know.”

It was fine. There were lots of other people at RMI he could make out with.

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