Remington Burnham

Oct. 30, 2020, 5:59 p.m.

That's the only way we know how

For a moment, Remington worried that she’d broken Kit Kendrick. Either time slowed down or the redhead across from her took longer to respond than normal. If Kit ended up speechless, Remington was going to need to apologize for that, too. If she broke the brain of her boyfriend’s cousin, she wouldn’t know what to do. What does someone even do in that situation?

Thankfully, Kit said something, and Remington could let out a breath. They weren’t mad at each other. So much went wrong over the past few years that she just wanted to end her time at Rocky Mountain International on a high note. No more conflict, no more drama. She appreciated that people weren’t making it too hard. It seemed like everyone was on the same page about having a good term.

In fact, even working with Kit in class was turning out to be a delight. She had good ideas and knew how to put this stuff together. Remington liked puzzles as much as the next Draco, but she liked doing them for fun. A puzzle for a grade turned it into something stressful, coated in pressure and expectations, that she didn’t find them fun. Working with Kit for this assignment was definitely the right call.

“I think it’s really cool that you do cosplay stuff,” Remington said, glossing over the mini-Godzilla rant. She didn’t know much about the giant lizard outside of why it existed in the cultural zeitgeist - post-atomic bomb Japanese media was super fascinating - and couldn’t tell Kit if any iterations of the monster hit had helicopters. “Are you going to do stuff with cosplay after you graduate?”

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