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Nov. 12, 2019, 10:33 a.m.

Replanting times! (Magizoobotany 1-4)

Anders Blackburn had always wanted to bring a real dragon to his classes at RMI. Yet that just wasn’t possible due to dumb laws. Sure it was a little dangerous but if he had brought in a Canadian Long Snout no one would’ve been in real danger. The Long Snout had only eaten one human in history and that was one that was wearing a sheep pelt. It really wasn’t the dragons fault if you really thought about it. So dragons were off the list and so were basilisks but hey mandrakes could fold in basilisks so there was that.

When the first years entered the outdoor class they were greeted by the fifty foot snake that had it mouth open. Of course it was stuffed because a live basilisks could literally kill anyone and even Anders wasn’t that crazy. He wasn’t going to lie he was a hundred percent trying to bribe the new kiddos into believing his class was the best class.

Once everyone was settled Anders clapped his hands. The students who had been with him the year before clapped back as was normal. It helped bring the students to order and the ones who weren’t listening suddenly were. “Good morning!” he said happily. “Welcome back and welcome to Magizoobotany I am you professor Anders Blackburn. Please call me Professor Anders.”

After taking roll call the blonde man pointed at the snake behind him. “Can anyone tell me what that is?”

Jake Fitz called “A basilisk.”

“Very good Jake but please remember to raise your hand. Yes this is a basilisk.” Anders patted the snake and smiled. “This is one of the last ones that were bred before they were banned in Medieval times. Now basilisks start off as chicken eggs that hatched beneath a toad. They can grow up to fifty feet in length as you can tell this guy here was fully grown.”

“Basilisks are extremely dangerous firstly their fangs are extremely poisonous and the only antidote is phoenix tears. Secondly if you look directly into its eyes instant death.” He snapped his fingers. “Now here’s the craziest thing. If a person looks indirectly into the eyes they become petrified. So if you see it’s eyes in a reflection like a mirror or a camera you’d survive but you'd be a statue.”

“So why am I telling you all this?” he asked with a smile. “Obviously we aren’t breeding or learning how to heal or handle a basilisk. But we are going to learn how to grow Mandrakes which are needed to brew the Mandrake Restorative Draught that can save a person from petrification and restore people who have been transfigured or cursed to their original state.”

Anders waved his wand and board popped up with a drawing of a mandrake. “These are sentient plants that look and act a lot like us. The only thing is the scream of a mature Mandrake can kill any person. Thankfully our mandrakes are still babies and just need to be replanted.”

On the board a drawn hand appeared. “ All you do is grasp the mandrake by its leaves and pull up quickly confidently.” As Anders spoke the hand did exactly what he said. “Then you’ll put into a large pot and cover with dirt. And that’s it! You are going to need to wear ear protection because the mandrakes at this age won’t kill you but they will knock you out if you hear their cries.” With that a cauldron of earmuffs appeared in front of him.

“Grab a pair of earmuffs and get started replanting!” He said with a smile.

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