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Nov. 27, 2020, 1:21 p.m.

The Dawning of the Age [Astronomy Years 1-3]

The difficult thing about astrology, Kazimeras Luksa thought drowsily, was that one had to do it so late in the evening. The three cups of green tea he’d taken earlier (Kaz knew that black teas would be better for the caffeine content but he just couldn’t drink the stuff without gagging. It tasted like bitter dishwater) barely kept his eyes open as he made his way to the outdoor classroom in his sapphire blue suit.

But Kaz certainly would like to see a few more students in Divinations in the coming years, and the sampler lessons had always been popular. He had done an Outcomes spread this morning, and what he Saw in the tarot had convinced him. For the dilemma, the tarot revealed the Two of Wands, showing him a crossroads. For one choice, the Four of Pentacles—hoarding one’s resources. That outcome led to the Hermit reversed: isolation and withdrawal. For the other choice, the deck had shown him the Two of Cups, which invited teamwork and collaboration. The outcome of that branch was the Hierophant: making use of the marvellous accomplishments of humankind to create with usefulness and beauty.

Kazimeras Luksa knew how to listen when the universe was trying to tell him something. So he had asked Eva to team up for a joint astronomy and divinations lesson and, to his sleep-deprived but present delight, she had agreed.

The annoying thing about astrology, Dr. Eva Ramirez thought, was that it was nonsense. She had great professional respect for Kazimeras, and she didn’t discount Divinations as a whole field, but Eva had a PhD in astrophysics and if the positions of the stars influenced temperament it would be more apparent. The worst part of the whole thing was that when she expressed her view on astrology, people who believed in it asked when her birthday was and then said, “That is such a Taurus thing to say.”

But Eva did not want to have such a conversation with her colleague, and she was admittedly curious to see how Kaz might handle the sort of reaction he would get from the kind of students who would not normally sign up for Divinations (surely there had to be some in the beginner’s class). So she greeted the students as they arrived, and Kaz handed out books and birth charts. At the very least there was some science in calculating the angles of the planetary positions.

“Good evening,” Eva greeted the students when it was time for class to begin. “Tonight, we have a guest—”

Overlapping, Kaz said, “For those of you who haven’t met—”

The two professors stopped and looked at each other. Kaz wished they had practiced the introduction to the class. “I am Kazimeras Luksa,” he continued, “the Divinations professor. Eva has graciously allowed me to co-opt your lesson tonight. We will be creating natal charts for each one of you. Some of you may be familiar with your sun sign, which is what most horoscopes are based upon. However, your moon sign informs your emotional self, and your rising sign reveals how you interact with the world. All of these are important in knowing your true nature.” Eva just barely managed not to roll her eyes.

“Tonight, you will calculate your sun, moon, and rising signs using your birth date and location,” Kaz continued. “The steps are in the book, chapter one. Your sun sign is on the first house, and then you follow the order of the signs to determine the other eleven. Then, use your telescopes to determine the positions of Venus, Mercury, and Mars tonight to interpret your horoscopes for this month. The Capricorns and Aquarii among us will have some strong messages!”

He chuckled, and this time Eva did roll her eyes, but luckily it was dark and probably no one saw. “There’s no homework tonight,” she said “but for a class discussion next week, I’d be interested to hear how the predictions you make tonight play out over the coming days.” Before Kaz could insist that they were not predictions but simply interpretations of the cosmos or whatever, Eva added. “And partner up as always. I’d like to hear some lively discussions tonight.”

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