Rhiannon Taren

Nov. 27, 2020, 1:44 p.m.

How does this even count as education?

Overall Rhiannon’s holiday had been acceptable. She had read quite a bit while at home, and her parents had visited for Christmas as they always did, despite the fact that none of them were Christian and therefore, in Rhiannon’s point of view, celebrating Christmas was more than a little pointless. It wasn’t like she’d believed in Santa Claus for years, and it wasn’t like there was much of a point in exchanging gifts, particularly as her parents didn’t know her well at all. Her aunt had given her a gift card to the used bookstore in town - she knew better than to actually pick out books for Rhia - but her parents had gone ahead and given her a truly despicable dress that she would absolutely never wear, and a purse to go along with it that was much too small to hold anything useful such as, for example, her wand. What was she supposed to do with her wand in that dress - which did not have pockets, she checked - and a tiny purse? Was she supposed to just go out without a wand? Would anyone expect an adult witch to do that?

Therefore, her return to RMI had been a relief. Here at least, most of her professors were logical people and at the very least she could anticipate her lessons to be constructive and informative. She could also expect to be treated as a mature now-twelve-year-old (her birthday had been in November) rather than as a child, which was how she was treated by her parents. Her aunt, of course, treated her as she always had but her parents were painfully out of the loop and had stayed at her aunt’s house almost the entire break.

Now she was back, and bundled up in a warm sweater with her jeans and sneakers, setting out for Astronomy class with Professor Ramirez, who she mostly liked. Rhiannon hadn’t been expecting to be a fan of Astronomy, falsely thinking it was all astrology - a waste of everyone’s time - but as itt turned out, the alignment of the planets did have legitimate magical implications for some things. Not for all things, and she was sure that the basic magic they were learning right now in the beginner classes was not going to really be affected by the shifting of the planets, but they had learned enough that Rhiannon knew that if she chose to continue with Potions as an upperclasswoman (she hadn’t decided yet, in part because she didn’t know what the parameters were for actually choosing classes) she would have to pay at least some attention to the sky. Some might say the night sky, but Rhiannon wasn’t an idiot and knew that even when you couldn’t see the planets and stars because it was daylight out, they were still there. This had actually come as a shock to at least one person Rhia had patiently explained it to.

Well, maybe not so patiently. She didn’t have a whole lot of patience for many of her classmates.

To Rhiannon’s absolute horror, however, they were not doing their typical Astronomy lesson tonight. Instead, the class seemed to have been hijacked by a crazy man spouting nonsense. Rhia snuck a look at Professor Ramirez more than once to see how she was responding to the things Professor Luksa was saying, because Rhia had been sure that Professor Ramirez was a sensible woman and what this man was spouting was absolutely not sense in any way. A natal chart? Horoscopes? Rhiannon had known that RMI offered Divinations as a class but she kind of thought it was one of those classes where you learned about the thing in a historical, how-it-influenced-culture sense, not in an actual something-you-take-seriously sense.

“This is such a waste of our time,” Rhia muttered to herself, then turned sharply as someone said something that sounded like a response. “What?” she asked.

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