Madeleine Tennant

Nov. 16, 2019, 9:53 a.m.


First day of classes!!!!

Madeleine had picked her outfit the night before (after she finished writing her letters to Marissa and Aunt Jessie and Emmett to tell them she was a Draco). The first years had magizoobotany, which meant they’d be taking care of creatures or doing herbology, so she decided not to wear a dress. It wasn’t about the dress getting dirty (the house elves at RMI were amazing and Madeleine had never made a stain that they couldn’t get out) but they might have to move around a lot and sometimes dresses weren’t the best for that. So instead she picked flowy capris with dragonflies on them and a bright purple shirt and her shiny turquoise sneakers.

“That’s not usually here,” she reassured her roommate Pippa, as they came face-to-snoot with a snake the size of a school bus. Madeleine was not the kind of miss who’s put off by a hiss, but she didn’t know whether Pippa was afraid of snakes. Hopefully not. Madeleine had already introduced Pippa to Jennyanydots, her pet puffskein, but the Tennant-McKindy family liked all pets, cats and macaws and acromantulas and lizards and dragons (okay, the dragons weren’t technically Aunt Jessie’s pets, but close enough).

Madeleine didn’t know much about basilisks, so she paid very close attention to Professor Anders. They sounded scary, but also manageable. Like, maybe if you just gave the basilisk a blindfold it would be okay? And it would just be like a normal snake, but giant? She wondered if anyone had ever tried that. Maybe not. A lot of people were very scared of snakes or anything that had more than an XXX rating in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but Aunt Jessie said that those people just didn’t have the right appreciation for creatures, and they needed to just spend some time with animals to capital-U Understand.

When Professor Anders finished talking, Madeleine skipped up to the front of the class to get ear protection. Then she saw them: the perfect earmuffs. In someone else’s hands. “Ooh, can we trade? Those match me.” Madeleine asked the student holding a pair of fluffy turquoise earmuffs. She waggled the pair of fluffy pink earmuffs she’d grabbed out of the cauldron before she saw the turquoise ones. “And these will look great on you. Please?”

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