Madeleine Tennant-McKindy

Nov. 27, 2020, 7:17 p.m.

Star light, star bright

Madeleine hadn’t practiced writing her name so much since she was in kindergarten. Now that she was Madeleine Paige Tennant-McKindy (they had gone down to the courthouse with the paperwork and made it all official over the winter break and it had been the very best Aaron-Dad’s-birthday-slash-everyone’s-Christmas present ever) she wanted to practice so that she didn’t forget the new part of her name. She especially didn’t want to forget it when she was writing because then she wouldn’t leave enough space and she would have to squish the second half of her name in at the end and it would seem like it wasn’t as important even though it was. Madeleine was just as much McKindy as she was Tennant.

(So was Drew, but when Madeleine started this project and invited him to become a Tennant-McKindy with her, he’d said no thanks. Madeleine didn’t really get it, but Drew said he was good and he didn’t think there was a whole lot of point in putting it on paper, because they were a family anyway. And Madeleine agreed that of course family had nothing to do with legal stuff, but she still thought it would be nice to make sure everyone would know just from seeing her name that Aaron-Dad was her dad. Maybe it was different for Drew because Aaron-Dad wasn’t his dad when he was little, or because his biodad was someone else? Madeleine really didn’t know for sure but she got the sense that Drew didn’t really want to explore that so she was happy to be the only Tennant-McKindy in name.)

Anyway! Now they were back at school and Madeleine had her new official name and it was going to be a spectacular semester. Unfortunately, Madeleine (Tennant-McKindy) was very much a morning person, and Astronomy usually happened around the time that she would prefer to be slipping under the covers with a new book and a mug of hot cocoa. The outdoor classroom was chilly on this January night, and the cold kept Madeleine awake even through her pink winter coat and warmest pants and heat-charmed scarf. Plus Kaz was here with Dr. Professor Ramirez, and that was fun. Madeleine always liked it when the professors teamed up, and she wouldn’t have Kaz as a normal teacher for a few more years yet anyway, so that made this double special.

It must be fun to think of crossover lessons between very different subjects. Like, she knew that Charms and Transfiguration used to be two different classes before they became Spellwork because the fields were just so similar, and the same with Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures turning into Magizoobotany. Madeleine firmly believed that all magic was connected and related. She could totally see how you might have a Cultural Studies/Potions class (talking about how different cultures made potions with the same effects when they had different ingredients!) or a History of Magic/Defense Against the Dark Arts class (learning how spells had changed over time!).

Madeleine (Tennant-McKindy) missed some of the Astrononations instructions while she was trying to come up with a combination Arithmancy/Magizoobotany lesson (this was the trickiest one so far because living things were the opposite of math and Madeleine didn’t know enough about Arithmancy to tell for sure what you did in a normal lesson), but she knew she had to find a partner.

“Do you know anything about astrology already?” Madeleine asked, approaching another student. Of course she would work with them no matter what (Madeleine had literally never said no to partnering with someone) but it was good to know where they were starting. “I know I’m an Aries because I’m April eighteenth. Actually I should have been a Taurus but then I came three weeks early, so, voila! Aries. But I don’t know anything else.”

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