Paige Blair

Nov. 28, 2020, 9:39 p.m.

A nice sight

Scuff-scuff. Scuff-scuff. Dragging the toe of her uggies through the snow back and forth and back again, hands stuffed deep in her pockets, Paige glanced ‘round the ring of kids standing in the dark. If it weren’t for the knit scarf wrapped so high it tickled her ears, she might’ve almost nearly forgot they were outside smack in the mid of heckin’ winter. As it were she had to pull her hands out for a sec and rub some feeling back in her nose before returning to ugg-scuffing.

Flipping schools after year two only to find herself right back again in year two by the US calendar was a boggler, but one pro was that she got to redo classwork and might even get better grades out of it. Most of ‘em she needed a do-over anyhow yet not astronomy: it’d always been one of her best mods. Paige wasn’t a booky type, but at NZAM it’d never come up that she hadn’t done a flip of the text cos Dad taught her all she needed with just his words and a scoper balanced out on their lil balcony. Having a space scientist for a dad was real handy sometimes. He’d explained all careful how the stars were gonna look wack this side of the world. It was still all the same concepts though, so she figured she’d pull it off just fine.

Plus, she already knew tons about the futures side of astro, too. Her roomie Mira - er well, former roomie; here at RMI she got some girl named Nylah, who’d been dece so far but it wasn’t like they were best mates already - was super into tarot and horoscopes and how nature told your destiny. She’d never managed to learn much from her about how to actually do all of that stuff, but she’d picked up enough secondhand that she already knew all her star signs - so never mind all that about chapter one, Mister Divinations Professor with the long name, she wouldn’t even need to open the book. Scuff-scuff, scuff-scuff. Yeah, this was gonna be an easy class.

She didn’t need to make any effort to look for a partner cos before she could blink, there was another girl in front of her. “Too right, least on some parts,” Paige confirmed with a nod, although the nod might not’ve been so visible under all her layers and the dark on top of that. This other student had to be native, no doubt, how else could she hold a normal conversation in this cold? The Australian curled her fingers more tightly around each other in her pockets, grateful that Auntie Estelle had helped charm everything warm when they came to visit over the holidays but wishing she’d been smart enough to store her gloves in her pockets so she wouldn’t forget ‘em when rolling out of bed for a late class like tonight.

She grinned and added, “I’m Aries too! So we’ll be mates.” Kay so she wasn’t actually sure that was how it worked, but she knew there were signs that got along better’n others, and having the same sign had to be a good thing, right? Hopefully, at least. She really needed friends, or else she’d have to hang with her brother all the time, and he wasn’t the worst but also that would be a lame shift off from her normal social life. “My birthday’s in ‘tober but I was born down under, so the stars are all flipped. Our moon signs are prolly off though. Sun is a bigger date range but Moon gets all specific. I dunno why,” she admitted before backtracking. “Oy also, I’m new here, just switched over from NZAM - that’s the New Zealand Academy. I’m Paige.”

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