Nov. 28, 2020, 9:45 p.m.

Don't sell yourself short!

Dea was pretty much the opposite of Annoying Firstie. She was pretty rad. They weren’t like super close friends or anything but Jace had never regretted partnering with her in a class. This class was low-stakes too. Their assignment was stare at the sky and make some guesses about their next week, and then next week talk about those guesses. Jace really doubted that Professor Ramirez was going to do all the work of double-checking everyone’s predictions based on their birthdays. Also, she probably didn’t even know their birthdays. Some kids had theirs during the school year but Jake and Jace were lucky. They never had to do homework on their birthday. Except when Jake did that time he got stuck in summer school, but Jace had done most of the work for him anyway. Jake wasn’t dumb, but asking him to write an essay was.

“Cool so that’s our...uh hang on.” Jace sat down and slung his backpack to the ground, then opened it to grab his textbook and quickly skimmed the relevant bits. “Okay so that’s our sun sign, it means…” more skimming. “It means, okay, it means how we express ourselves and live life and stuff. So that means you…” there was a chart. Well, there were a lot of charts actually. Dang, this looked complicated. “You’re a direct person and have a lot of passion. You like to be in charge.” He raised his eyebrows. “Do you like being in charge?”

From what he knew of Dea, he definitely thought the first thing was true, but the second and third thing he wasn’t sure about. Jace tried to think back about times they’d hung out or worked together in class but he couldn’t remember her getting extra bossy or anything. But also, Jace was smart so maybe there was just less to be bossed around about.

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