Nov. 28, 2020, 10:18 p.m.

But I am short...

Jace was pretty cool, all in all. He was fun to talk to, and he liked to screw with his friends and pull pranks. So also pretty interesting and fun to work with. She'd known him since first year too, which meant no awkward introductions before they could start homework. (And she appreciated his nice personality and sense of humor, and Dea realized she probably needed someone like that right now.)

"I think the first two fit," she replied carefully. "And I mean, sometimes? Not really though." She looked down at her chart, and noticed a few notes next to some of the sections. Her sun, moon, and Mercury were all Ares, with a bolded note that stood out next to her Mars, in Pisces: You feel lost when trying to conform to the wishes of others. Well shit--that happened to be depressingly accurate, and quite topical, considering the last time she'd spoken to her mother.

But Dea wiped the frown from her face and leaned over to look at Jace's chart and blanched a little. "Uh, apparently Cancer's are compassionate, goofy, and sensitive. I think you're definitely nice and funny, but I'm not sure about sensitive."

It certainly applied to her--not that she was gonna let it show. Over Dea's dead body.

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