Nov. 28, 2020, 10:28 p.m.

The right sight!

All bundled up like they were for the nippy winter night, it was hard to tell who was who. But Madeleine was almost one hundred percent sure that she didn’t know the student she was talking to. Madeleine had made a point of working with as many people as possible in her one and a half years as a Rocky Mountain International student, to say nothing of the people she’d gotten to know before her first year. And Madeleine (Paige Tennant-McKindy) was pretty sure that she had never ever met this student.

Which meant she was a transfer! As someone who had grown up at RMI her whole life, Madeleine had a fondness for transfers who were brand new to the school. She loved showing off her home to someone who had just arrived. If RMI was still doing mentors for new students, Madeleine would sign up every single year.

Another Aries! This class was going to be so fun. Madeleine had never thought about star signs being different in the Southern hemisphere, but it made sense because the planet was sort of upside-down there. Madeleine wondered if someone was born on the moon, or on another planet even, how they would do their astrology. That would be a great question to ask Kaz. He was one of the professors who really liked questions about his subject. Rob liked it when you asked good questions, and Professor Boot liked being asked questions but he usually got sort of distracted and didn’t totally answer them. He was like Kit that way: sometimes you asked them one question and you went on a whole journey and ended up at a different answer.

“We’ll be mates,” Madeleine agreed, delighted. “I’m Madeleine! And Paige is my middle name so we’re name twins.” Like how JD Daegan and DJ Finn were name twins because their initials were the same but opposite. Madeleine felt instantly bonded to Paige… not that it took very long for Madeleine to bond to anyone, but this time it was special. Name twins! “You must be brand-new to RMI, right? I grew up here, you can ask me anything. Do you know Joey Blair? He’s Australian too.”

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