Nov. 29, 2020, 11:16 a.m.

Just saying "don't sell yourself" seems weird though

Dea seemed a little weird tonight. It seemed like she was being careful about what she said and ‘careful’ was not a word he would’ve used for Dea usually. She was kinda like a firecracker usually, just kinda going for it. Yeah they hadn’t had a whole lot of serious conversations but Jace wasn’t a serious conversations kind of guy. He was better at distracting people than actually like, solving their problems. Which made sense. Also if three years at RMI had taught Jace anything, it was that nobody in their right mind should trust an Aquila to solve their problems for them. Unless their problems needed solving in a prank-the-hell-outta-them kind of way in which case you’d have a line out the door of people willing to sign up.

Maybe not all Aquilas were pranksters when they started out, but it sure seemed like seven years spending time with Professor Rob made you one. Beth hadn’t really been into pranks at the start of their first year but she’d jumped right on board once she realized that it was all fun and not a reason to yell at someone ‘cause BOY was Beth good at yelling. But once they’d got past that it was great. 10/10 recommend.

“Yeah you don’t seem bossy,” Jace nodded. It looked like Dea was frowning at the book for some reason, and Jace was about to ask her what was wrong with it when she read out his sun sign meaning. Compassionate? Sensitive? Yikes, what? “Uh yeah I mean I guess I’m nice, thanks?” Jace could agree with goofy, but he wasn’t like, all the way sure what they meant in the book by sensitive. “Do they mean sensitive like I cry a lot? Or sensitive like it’s real easy for me to notice things? ‘Cause I guess I notice things okay but I definitely don’t cry a lot.” Not that he would admit it if he did, he’d feel real dumb about that. Especially if it was a freakin’ book that ratted him out.

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