Nov. 29, 2020, 8:24 p.m.

Yeah that's...gross.

Dea managed another smile--this one a little more genuine than the last--and bumped his shoulder lightly. "Hey, you are nice. And I'm very glad I don't come across as bossy. I think it's a good trait to be a leader but not to be ya know, overbearing about it?" (She was reminded distinctly of her mother. Deagret did not want to be like her mother.)

Well, that thought brought up unpleasant thoughts. Thoughts about yelling. And Mom saying "I don't mind gay people, but not in my family". And Aunt Annette, staring at her sister, and Dea, hunched in on herself, trying to disappear.

The redhead blinked, and decided to try harder to forget it ever happened.

She frowned at that. No, Jace didn't seem sensitive in the emotional way. Not that she'd ever really seen him upset--but nevertheless, he didn't really seem the type. "Maybe...or maybe it means that you pick up other people's emotions really well? So like you said, you're sensitive to the details. Besides, I doubt all of this is accurate." She definitely knew that Jace was nice and funny though--and he seemed like the kind of person who would cheer others up.

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