Rhiannon Taren

Dec. 19, 2020, 12:05 p.m.

If I were punny, a pun would go here

Overall of her professors, Rhiannon was the most impressed with Professor McCloud. She found Cultural Studies to be entirely useless, at least on their level, and Professor Blair seemed a bit too enamored of something quite that useless. Professor Hier, who Rhia had decided pointedly to call ‘Professor Hier’ instead of ‘Professor Rob’ after an unfortunate incident involving explosions, the color blue, and general mockery, was clearly intelligent but didn’t know how to interact with people. Professor Boot was absolutely bonkers and seemed entirely unaware of that fact, and - well, Rhiannon could go on and on but at the end of the day there were few professors that she accepted as adequate and Professor McCloud was one of them.

Because Rhiannon, unlike some of her classmates, was capable of following instructions (the annoying male twins in the third year were both wearing shorts with their long sleeved shirts like the complete imbeciles they were), she was wearing a dark plum long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and her best digsite boots. The plum color would be good at masking stains such as dirt and blood and potentially bile, slime, et cetera which made it an overall excellent choice for Magizoobotany, as Rhia didn’t always have time to change before her next class. She therefore hung her robe up on the tree before joining the general mass of her classmates waiting for the class to begin. Obviously she didn’t have to think twice about her favorite arthropod, because anybody who did not select a brown recluse spider was objectively incorrect. Rhiannon found many of her classmates to be incorrect. Some of them even picked normal butterflies, which Rhia found to be entirely a waste when there were carnivorous, blood-sucking, and poisonous butterflies to be found. Her personal favorite arthropod both ate pests and had a necrotic poison in its fangs, which Rhiannon thought was an excellent combination.

Rhiannon was one of the first people to be able to look at the glumbumble, which genuinely gave her kind of a crawly feeling while she held the jar. She was allergic to bees and suspected that included glumbumbles, but she wasn’t about to interrupt one of the few perfectly educational lessons they had here at Rocky Mountain International to announce that to the entire class. She was the first person to answer Professor McCloud’s questions and also one of the first people to take a handful of nettles, after carefully pulling on her new dragonhide gloves that she’d gotten over the holidays. There still hadn’t been a good time to say that she had a bee allergy, and by now she would just look like an idiot if she did and Rhiannon knew that Professor McCloud had little time for that.

So instead, as soon as Professor McCloud had cast the bubble-head charm on her, Rhiannon looked to find another already-bubbled student and smiled, unaware that her smiles tended to look forced and, depending on how hard she was trying to be pleasant, a touch psychotic. “Hey, do you want to work together when Professor McCloud is done?” Rhia whisper-asked.

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