Jacob Fitz

Nov. 18, 2019, 12:26 p.m.

Actually I'm first

First day of classes meant that Jake had to dress his best. Thanks to having the best older sister the mini-fashionista that was Jake Fitz was kitted out in nice clothes. Jenna had taken Jake to a bunch of second hand places in richer neighbors. There they had been able to find some name brand clothes like the aeropostale skinny black chicos he was currently wearing. To go with the pants he had a long sleeved button up that was checked cyan and black. Over top the shirt was a black jean jacket that had once been Dad’s but no one really needed to know that. He had charmed his black shoes to have accents of cyan to bring the outfit together.

There was a giant stuffed snake in the Outdoor classroom and the Lyra was pumped. Beyond that it was stuffed basilisk and Jake loved those. Obviously it was dead but he kind of hoped Professor Anders was going to teach them how hatch one. Sure they were illegal but there had to be a way to own a badass basilisk without legal trouble, right?

Once the class was settled Professor Anders asked if anyone had known what was behind him and in his excited Jake blurted out the answer. After that Jake smiled even though the Professor had chaided him over it. He had been right.

When the professor let them out to grab earmuffs. Jake was one of the first to the cauldron. He wasn’t going to be caught dead in earmuffs that didn’t match his outfit. It took some time but he found a pair of Cyan one that matched his shirt perfectly because for some reason there were no black ones.

Just as he was about to turn away a voice asked him to trade since they matched her and then said these would look great on him. She did say please but he didn’t have to give them to her. She was younger but still Jake for sure was not wearing fluffy pink earmuffs not in a million years.

“Sorry. These match me better.” He said holding the earmuffs against his shirt to proof it. “Plus pink can add to your outfit. Pink will clash with me too much.” He smiled at her and started to move past really hoping she’d drop it.

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