Margaret Booth

Dec. 19, 2020, 12:07 p.m.

You'd better bee-lieve it1

Magizoobotany was, without a single doubt, Maggie’s absolute favorite class. Magic and plants were cool, of course, but it was the middle bit of the word that was one of her favorites: zoo! As basically anybody on earth knew, animals were kind of Maggie’s thing. She knew everything about them, having spent as much of her childhood as possible in various zoos back when her father was around and she and Mama traveled with him everywhere. And when she wasn’t doing that, she was glued to the TV, her attention fixed on whatever she could find on Animal Planet.

Maggie was very excited and also very prepared for the professor’s ice breaker question, and she bounced eagerly while she waited for her turn. “I’m Maggie, and my favorite arthropod is the peacock butterfly!” she beamed. “They’re called that because their wings have these big spots that look like a peacock’s feathers, but I also kinda think they look likes eyes, and they-” The Cetus stopped short, cutting herself off with a big inhalation. “Oops, sorry. Okay, you go!” she added to her neighbor.

When the jar reached her, the second year once again accidentally interrupted the flow of things, taking her good time staring into it. The little guy was just so cute! But she realized she was taking too long and smiled sheepishly at her neighbor as she passed the jar along. “Um, sorry,” she said quietly. “Again.”

Soon enough, it was time to get to work. Maggie glanced around for someone who didn’t seem to have a buddy yet. She noticed that the person who had been beside her didn’t seem claimed, so maybe if they weren’t too annoyed with her, they would want to work together. “Hey, um, do you still need a partner?” she asked nervously.

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