Dec. 19, 2020, 12:35 p.m.

Flight? Where are we going?

Paige needed a moment to get how fun name twins were, but then she totally got it! See, Madeleine knew she’d had a good feeling about her. Obviously someone who was her name twin would find it just as fun as Madeleine did. And Paige had so many questions, which was actually great because Madeleine had lots of answers.

“Yup! One of my dads is Mr. Tennant, the counselor,” she explained, “and my other dad is Professor McKindy. He teaches Spellwork. And my brother Drew goes here too, he’s a sixth year. We hang out sometimes but mostly we have our own groups.” Also Drew was dating Remy now (squee) and he liked to spend time with just her, which made sense because it was the same way when he and Darlene were dating too. Madeleine didn’t mind because Drew always always made sure he made it to their family dinner on Monday nights, so they had some brother-sister time at least once a week and usually more. Paige did not seem like she would really want to have family dinners with her brother, which was a shame but Madeleine understood that other families weren’t as close as hers.

Hmm. Where did everyone hang out? Madeleine loved the Draco Common Room but she didn’t know what House Paige was in or whether her common room was a fun hangout spot. “Third years can go to Pearl Street,” Madeleine said. She wasn’t one hundred percent sure how old Paige was. It was hard to tell with the winter wear but she was pretty sure Paige didn’t look little enough to be a first year. “The ice cream place, Finnigan’s Flavors, is the best. He has one that tastes like fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Like the chocolate chips are all gooey even.” But maybe Paige wouldn’t be able to go until next year. “Here, the rec center is really cool, it has a pool and a bunch of games and stuff. And I like the library but it’s not a hanging-out place, you know? Because people study there. And if you like nature then,” Madeleine swept her arm around at the Outdoor Classroom, “there’s here. There’s a rock wall and a Quidditch Pitch out here too.”

Nicknames? “Umm, sometimes my family calls me Mads,” she said uncertainly. Normally Madeleine did not like it when other people called her that. Mads was a special nickname for her dads and Drew and the cousins sometimes. But she supposed an exception could be made for her name twin.

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