Paige Blair

Dec. 19, 2020, 1:03 p.m.

But puns are so beeasy!

The ripest part about Magzoo was that they got to have lessons outside and it was, like, proper sunny-side-up. The only other mod with regular outdoorsing was Astro and that had them out at bat’s hours, which Paige was super not keen on, because everyone knew you needed a solid night’s sleep in order to shine up in the morning looking like a hundo. Mum didn’t let her wear makeup yet, so she had to play all the natural tricks she could think of to come off pretty, and being up and down at weird times was a sure road to failure.

Having picked out the perfect romper for today - bright and flowery, with long sleeves and pants - she cheerfully handed off her robes to the heya willow, making sure to pull her gloves outta the pockets first and giving them a solid thwack against her leg. She hadn’t brought her bookbag today, cos she didn’t feel like carrying it and McCloud didn’t often make ‘em use books anyways, and she didn’t have room in her romper pockets, also it woulda made her look pudgy to have big hide gloves stuffed in the sides, but her robes pockets were right as for a subbie. Better’n having to use a loaner pair, for sure.

She’d thwacked her gloves twice more by the time it got to her turn in the circle. Along the way she also changed her mind twice - once when she couldn’t remember what the bug with spikes on its lil feet was called, and again when she decided a Huntsman was too cliche for her to mention as the lone Ozzie in the circle. “Hiya, I’m Paige, and one of my faves is the peacock spider,” she announced, flashing a grin at the girl who’d said peacock butterflies. “They’re gorg and they do, like, these weird belly-rolls when courting, and no one knows why.” The idea that a tiny spider had scientists stumped was funny. There was prolly something deeper to be said about that too, but funny did it for now.

Something also funny was the word glumbumble. Paige had already learned about ‘em (technically she was repeating this year since NZAM was on a different schedule) and she was already giggling about it when the jar was offered to her. “Ta.” She immediately dropped it. It landed in the grass unharmed. “Oopsie,” she whispered in a singsongy voice as she grabbed it back up and quickly handed it off to the next student. Unfortunately, the next task was to take a handful of nettles, which she also immediately dropped and then had to scramble to pick out of the grass, but it was better than dropping something live with a stinger.

Straightening up and blinking innocently, now holding the nettles between both hands in hopes that would help, Paige waited for McCloud to charm her up. A bubbly head wasn’t high on her goals, specially not after she’d washed her hair and braided back the sides with sparkly clips (the only way she could disguise the stupid bowlcut her mum had insisted on), but if everyone else looked dumb she didn’t mind. Turning at Rhia’s whisper, she bobbed her head bubble. “Ace, ya. You good?” The other firstie looked a bit… mad.

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